Meet The Glowet

@TheGlowet- The official Poet for the Glow-up
 Hi! I am the official poet of the Glow-up you can call me Glowet! For those that do not know the Glow-up is a term which  I coined to mean transformation & Growth. There is a certain radiance that comes with growth and transformation it is something you can’t quite put your finger on.A glow so attractive it cannot be ignored.

I don’t believe anyone is ever just one thing. We are constantly “going through”, growing and glowing on many different levels. I write for you, I write for me, I write for all the tight spaces we find ourselves in and all the bigger places we end up because of it. I have always been a writer for as long as I can remember. I have been expressing myself in this form any chance I got it is by far my favorite form of expression! Going hand in hand with writing is my other favorite expression, speaking…Making poetry the obvious outlet right!

In addition to speaking for the sake of poetry, I also speak for the sake of healing. I am a conversational healer! I believe that conversation can be a form of therapy (well isn’t it?). Ever have a long deep conversation that just makes your day? Or even a conversation that gives you a life epiphany? Just need to talk and get things off your chest? That is my specialty! That is my calling! I live for conversational healing because not only do I help others but a bit selfishly I help myself as well! Because I love conversing so much doing so always lifts my spirits, I heal by healing!

Other things you should know about me:

@TheGlowet- The official Poet for the Glow-up
1.This little guy means the world to me. He has taught me some of my life’s most important lessons,

How to live & How to love

@TheGlowet- The official Poet for the Glow-up

2.This woman (yes, that’s me) is learning to grow and change every day. I am not perfect nor do I have all the answers but life trials and tribulations have given me a story & perspective which I am so excited to share!

@TheGlowet- The official Poet for the Glow-up

3. I have twins! 2 beautiful little girls who have expanded my heart and emptied my wallet (buying girl clothes are way more fun than buying boy clothes *sorry but it’s true!). Just when I thought I had this parenting thing pretty much figure they came along and changed the game.

4. I have read the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho too many times to count!

So that, in a nutshell, is ME! And one day as if I wasn’t already busy enough I decided that the time had come to start this blog…

there is so much more that could be said but instead of rambling on for pages here I will just let the blog speak for itself…

Check in with me though! Say Hey! Can’t wait to connect

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